Council Tax


Council Tax


If you fall behind with council tax payments, the council may apply to the magistrates’ court to make a ‘liability order’. This is a court order that states that you owe council tax but have not paid it. The council will also add on any court costs they have had to pay.If another person is also responsible for paying the bill, the council can ask for a liability order against both people. Once the council has obtained a liability order, there is no time limit for a bailiff to enforce it.

What powers come with a liability order?

  • The bailiff needs to show the defendant a warrant but does not need to have the originals on them. The bailiff may have a copy in digital form or paper. legally the bailiff must provide brief information of the offence and details of the fine.
  • The warrant allows for peaceful entry
  • You cannot block or obstruct the bailiff as this will be classed as an obstruction and can result in you being arrested, fined or both.
  • The bailiff can walk in if the door is unlocked and without permission .
  • Charging orders (where the debt is secured on a property you own)
  • Possible imprisonment if you refuse to pay

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