Magistrate’s fine


Magistrate’s fine

Tv license, Speeding fines, Litter, Assault etc

A Magistrate court may fine you for committing a driving offence, not paying a fixed penalty notice, not having a television licence or many other offences. The fine may be set at an initial hearing or as a result of a fixed penalty notice, the level of the fine is set automatically. Failure to pay a fine will result in bailiff action and can eventually lead to an arrest warrant being issued, if the defendant keeps evading it.

  • The bailiff does not need to show the defendant the warrant or even have a copy on them. The bailiff may have a copy in digital form or paper. legally the bailiff must provide brief information of the offence and details of the fine.
  • The warrant allows for reasonable forced entry
  • It is not means tested
  • You cannot block or obstruct the bailiff as this will be classed as an obstruction and can result in you being imprisoned, fined or both
  • The bailiff can walk in if the door is unlocked or without permission.
  • You cannot put a fine into debt management or bankruptcy!

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