Parking fines and Highways England


Parking fines and Highways England

council+private parking fines, tolls etc

Most councils have the power to enforce parking penalties under the Traffic Management Act 2004. These parking penalties are not treated as criminal offences. They are often known as a ‘parking penalty charge’ or a ‘penalty charge notice’ (PCN). Typically your council will have its own traffic wardens (called civil enforcement officers) who issue penalty charge notices, for example, for parking on double yellow lines, in a permit only zone, on zigzag lines or in parking meter zones. Contact us for advice if you been issued with a penalty for a private car park. There are also other types of traffic penalty such as the London congestion charge, penalties for vehicle emissions and penalties for bus lane offences. The procedure for these types of penalties is slightly different. Failure to pay for your fine will result in a warrant of control being issued and a bailiff enforcing it. For Companies like parking eye do not ignore they won’t just go away.

  • The bailiff needs to show the defendant details of a warrant but does not need to have the originals on them. The bailiff may have a copy of the details in digital form or paper. legally the bailiff must provide brief information of the offence and details of the fine.
  • The warrant allows for peaceful entry
  • You cannot block or obstruct the bailiff as this will be classed as an obstruction and can result in you being imprisoned, fined or both
  • The bailiff can walk in if the door is unlocked and without permission .

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